Easy Indian Vegetarian Keto Diet!!

For all my vegetarian friends, who are scared to start the keto diet, thinking that is difficult or impossible? My reply to you is – It is not impossible. It is similar to the non veg diet, however the options do seem limited as we are not used to having food like this. I have many friends who have successfully been on keto and have lost significant weight. Just remember the following three things and you are set!!

1. Keep experimenting with the veggies:Vegetarian-Vegan-Diet-Heart-Health-700x395

In my meal plan, being a true Punjabi I have incorporated a lot of cottage cheese dishes. However, you can easily replace cottage cheese with mushrooms or Eggplant or zucchini.


2. Make Cheese your best friend:

sliced cheese on brown table top

Have cheese in whatever form you want to, cheese dips, cheese fondue, cheese filling, cheese crackers etc. whatever suits your taste buds. It will help in keeping you satiated for a long time and ensure that the fat content is met.


3. Know your vegetables:


Keto friendly vegetables which are easily available in India are – Broccoli, Mushroom, Eggplant, Cauliflower, Cucumber, Spinach, Cabbage, Lady finger, Avocado and Zucchini. You may have Carrot, Pumpkin, Onion, Ginger and Tomato in limited quantities.

The Indian – vegetarian Keto meal plan is as follows:

Keto On veg meal plan

I agree it is difficult, but so is any other diet. The mantra is to “Keep calm and Keto On”. Do pour in your ideas for meals, it will help my friends a lot 🙂

Till then Keep Calm & Keto On 🙂

Lazy Keto Diet Plan :)

Hey, thanks for stumbling to the On keto diary 🙂

So, just like you, when I made up my mind to start the keto diet I researched using our dear friend google. I went through the concepts of ketosis and macros etc. After spending a good one week in research I was intimidated by so much of information and long list of foods that I cant eat, which was practically everything, no Fruits, limited vegetables, No sugary delights. Honestly the thought that it is too complicated and not my cup of coffee did cross my mind numerous times.

The only thing that I understood was that, I will lose weight if my body is in ketosis. Which simply put, it is when the body is using fats for metabolism. Okay, seems simple. Then came the concept of Macros, which told me to eat 5% Carbs, 20% Proteins and 75% Fats. Okay, this is fine. But what do I eat?? Entire life I have been lectured on not to eat Fats, remember ghee is bad for you, too many nuts make you fat and this diet basically told me to eat fats. Which I thought would be an easy task. After all I just need to find fats and eat them. How difficult can it be?

With this glee, I searched for keto diet plans, joined a couple of facebook groups and the likes. However I couldn’t find the diet plan that I was looking for. All I got was a list of things that I could eat and could not eat!!.

So I went about penning something for myself. Below is my version of the non veg diet plan that I follow when I am not in the work frenzy :). Hope it helps you and don’t forget to mention ideas in comments below.

Till then, Keep calm and keto On 🙂

Keto Diet plan Non veg